Cook County sheriff proposes county concealed-carry ordinance

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    Posted Online: May 06, 2013, 12:24 pm Cook County sheriff proposes county concealed-carry ordinance

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    CHICAGO (AP) — Cook County's sheriff is proposing a countywide concealed-carry ordinance, saying if state lawmakers don't pass a law by next month as a federal court has ordered, Illinois could turn into the 'Wild West.'
    If lawmakers don't meet the June 9 deadline set earlier this year by a federal appeals court in its ruling that the state ban on public possession of firearms — the only one in all 50 states — was unconstitutional, Sheriff Tom Dart said, then anyone in the state with a firearm owners identification card could carry a concealed weapon anywhere.
    'We would have the Wild West,' he told the Chicago Sun-Times. 'There would be no regulation.'
    The ordinance proposed by Dart would give him the authority to approve or reject licenses to carry concealed guns in Cook County, and would require applicants to pay $300 for the license.
    Chicago is located in Cook County, so Dart said his proposed ordinance would apply there, too.
    Dart, who said his ordinance would only be implemented if no state law is passed, said his own experience as a state legislator has him worried that lawmakers will let the court's deadline come and go.
    'I was in Springfield for 11 years,' he said. 'Deadlines sometimes don't mean anything (and) we have to be prepared in the event something does not get done.
    In Chicago, officials are thinking along the same lines.
    'If a statewide law is not passed, the city is preparing to implement a comprehensive concealed-carry ordinance to ensure that guns stay out of the hands of criminals,' police department spokesman Adam Collins said.
    Dart's proposal is part of a larger battle being waged in Springfield over who has the right to come up with a law — the state itself or local jurisdictions — and what any law should look like.
    Gov. Pat Quinn and others argue that cities with so-called 'home rule' be allowed to decide the gun possession issue within their boundaries, with the National Rifle Association and others countering that such local options would create a confusing 'patchwork' of laws.
    Also, Dart's proposal touches on a hotly contested issue in Springfield: Whether Illinois becomes a 'shall issue' state, in which permits will be issued to anyone who obtains the necessary training and passes a background check. The alternative is a 'may issue' state, giving law enforcement officials the power to decide who gets a permit. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is giving Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan until June 24 to decide whether or not she will appeal the appellate court's ruling. The 30-day extension, though, does not affect the June 9 deadline.

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    I'm glad I don't live in Illinois.

  3. hombre243

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    Me too

    I am originally from IL. I always liked IL until the political climate started turning foul. The Chicago political machine is ruining the state...or has already ruined it.
  4. SWO1

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    I love the statement about passing a comprehensive CCW ordance that would "ENSURE" that guns stay out of the hands of criminals......:rolleyes: With a "Total Ban" Chicago is a Free Fire Zone now.
  5. hombre243

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    Statement from a false god

    Anyone who insists or even suggests that any kind of gun ban or law will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists is either a liar, naïve or both. OR! Any law enforcement officer who offers such a statement is on our side and should be elected State Psychologist. Any LE personnel who says a CCW permit system will ensure that no guns get into the hands of criminals and terrorists should be elected Governor, and should hire the State Pshrink.

    Get my drift?
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    One things for sure. During the too long a times I was stationed in IL, the game wardens were the sorriest excuses for state LEs I ever met or have seen. Lazy and did most of their "field work" setting at the boat ramp, dock or the old check stations come deer season, just looking for any excuse to issue a citation. In 12 years combined in two assignments in IL...I never once ran into one on the water and only encountered them a few seasons the first day or two in the state's managed fields the first of September while hunting doves. I spent 100 days plus a year hunting and fishing. That's says a it all for that lot. Hwy Patrol...different story and never met one that wasn't professional and friendl. They just weren't to flexible when folks exceed posted speed limits. Yep...I have much empathy for the men and women citizens in IL when it comes to gun ownership, but I mighta had a cocked and locked 1911 on my person more than once in those years when times got troubling and the E St. Louis punks showed up with gin, beer and a willing attitude to fire a few shots at those that disagreed with who's fishing where, etc. Happened more than once on the Kaskaskia river. Fishing shouldn't be a situation that a fella needs to watch his 3, 6 & 9! Plenty of great fishing and hunting & trapping was pretty decent, too. Just the narrow-minded nincompoops like Cook Co.'s Sheriff that made buying firearms with the waiting periods a PIA! I refuse to cross the border into IL...permanent like! Let them figure it out...the heck with them.
  7. hombre243

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    Chicago sucks

    I didn't mind having to get the FOID. I didn't like the 10 day wait on handguns and the 3 day wait for long guns. But, I still got the guns I wanted when I wanted them. I was in no rush. But Chicago is NOT Illinois...and it is too bad Chicago politics seem to run the state. I would like to see the Chicago mob politics vaporized.
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    i would like to appreciate you for sharing such a great info with us
  9. Gumpy

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    I was born in Illinois too, Hombre. I just don't tell many people about it! lol
  10. Donn

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    Yet another anti-gun cop advancing the "Wild West" scenario. How many times does this one have to be debunked? Then again, it's Cook County. I lived there, I'm familiar with this crowd and how they operate. I'd advise my former neighbors not to run off to the LGS for a Glock and an IWB holster. You ain't gonna be carrying legally any time soon.
  11. 444Hal

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    Hey, Sheriff Tom Dart, it already is the "Wild West" out there.
    BTW, compare the stat's on gun fights/shootings back in the wild west to now. You may be surprised!

    Bet he has no problem with his guys carrying their guns "off duty". Oh, it's their job ? When facing harm or death it's the victims job to protect themselves. Besides, police carry a firearm to protect themselves first, their fellow officers second and everybody else comes third.
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