Copy of Marlin 1963 Manual for Models 80-C and 80-DL Rifles

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    I recently gave my Marlin 80-DL rifle to my Son and realized he had no manual for the rifle. Not that it is a 'complex' rifle, but I wanted him to have a copy of the manual. I searched several Marlin firearms forums and found several people who also wanted a copy of the manual. However, the closest I could find was a posting of a copy of the manual for the Model 780 rifle. It's close, but not really.

    I contacted Marlin Customer Support at [email protected] and they promptly replied with helpful information about my problem with a bolt that will not close and they included a very clear copy of the original January 1963 version of the manual that was included as a hang tag for all new Model 80-C and Model-80DL rifles sold after that date.

    I do know there must have been earlier similar manuals because my brothers Model 80 (no C or DL marking) was old when he acquired it in about 1955.

    I will try to attach a downloadable / printable copy of the manual. FYI, I opted to do some enlarging, editing and printing with cropping of the manual and made a super-sized copy of the original manual, with the colors preserved. I even hole-punched the folded manual and put in a yellow-nylon string "hang tag" loop - just like you can see the remnants of in the supplied copy. For longevity, I printed the manual on Tan-colored "Cover Stock" (heavier) paper and after making the two-sided copies, I folded it in the middle and reinforced the fold with a strip if plastic packing tape.

    I joined this Forum today and this is my first post. I will check to ensure that the attached file will download and print and if there is a problem, I will try to resolve it so that owners of Model 80 rifles can pull down a manual.


    Post Uploading Edit: It looks like the manual file successfully uploaded with the posting. Enjoy! mdc
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    Thanks. The old manual is pretty cool, not edited by lawyers

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    Yeah ! I liked looking at the old manual even though I don't own a Model 80.

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    Thanks for posting this, just picked up a Model 80 DL. Nice little rifle that needs some TLC.