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    I made it to the range...finally and tried out the Mosin Nagant. I can't say it was a tack driver, unless I shot a bunch of scattered tacks, but I did have fun and hit the paper more than I missed.

    Altogether I fired 40 rounds. 30 at paper targets. I hit 26 out of 30. I didn't do too bad for open sights, but I hope to do better when it warms up and I can practice with some homegrowns.

    I also shot 10 at clay bird pieces on the berm ay 70 yards and hit 5 of 10. I did like that. Here are the 2 paper targets I saved. They're kind of messy, but they're used targets. I forgot to take new ones.
    I may not have shot the best but I had a ball. Wish ya could have been there. :D

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    Shooting is all ways GOOD THERAPY :cool: