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Date/Time stamp on posts !!

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The date and time stamp on posts is WAY OFF. Thats assuming of course the Server is on this continent.....LOL. Just an observation...really me anyway.....:p
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funny thing, mine is an hour behind also. didn't notice until the last post i made. i might check my settings to make sure my time is in the right zone.
Check for daylight savings time setting also
i did. i reset my settings. so lets see what happens. my local time is 2:12 PM.
Its 3:17 here
mines set correctly now. just reset the DST setting and it shows the correct time now.
My last post is also 5 hours ahead like Axxe's. We are both in the Central time me !!!
that is curious. i live in Texas and you are in Missouri. yes both of us are in the Central time zone, so our settings should be the same. i did reset my DST and that changed mine to the correct time.
Let me get this straight Axxe.......

The Date/time stamp on the post, that shows up in the top left corner in the black bar with the post # on the top right "is the same time as the clock on your computer.....within a minute of course"

And the same question for you Four...are they both the same ???
yes it is. the time on my computer is 3:56 PM as of now.
Guess its just me then.....:confused: Dosn't affect anything. The little voice in my head just deducts 5 hours from what the forum says and I'm good to go. Guess I'm JUST SPECIAL.........:rolleyes: Do ya think it could be these Hearing Aids I just got 3 weeks ago....?

Back to regular scheduled posting
if you had said the new glasses you got 3 weeks ago, i'd have said yes!:D
TAAA--DAAA........thank you Austin....Great site, and GREAT SUPPORT.....:D
The Force is Back In Allignment.......:)
good! i was afraid you would get caught in a time warp!:eek::D
1 - 7 of 32 Posts
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