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Date/Time stamp on posts !!

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The date and time stamp on posts is WAY OFF. Thats assuming of course the Server is on this continent.....LOL. Just an observation...really me anyway.....:p
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Go to your control panel and change your time zone:D
I take it from your post you dont have that problem.......:confused:
Been there....done that....I am set for US Central Time....Internet Time is set to sync to Internet master time server. I Frequent about 12 other Forums and all others are in Specs.
Whats showing on Axxe's post with his time, the date/time stamp is 5 hours ahead of him. On Four's post it's 4 hours ahead of his time he posted. What we do on OUR computer will have no effect on the SERVER's date/time stamp on functions. Let me see what my post shows....
My last post is also 5 hours ahead like Axxe's. We are both in the Central time me !!!
Let me get this straight Axxe.......

The Date/time stamp on the post, that shows up in the top left corner in the black bar with the post # on the top right "is the same time as the clock on your computer.....within a minute of course"

And the same question for you Four...are they both the same ???
Guess its just me then.....:confused: Dosn't affect anything. The little voice in my head just deducts 5 hours from what the forum says and I'm good to go. Guess I'm JUST SPECIAL.........:rolleyes: Do ya think it could be these Hearing Aids I just got 3 weeks ago....?

Back to regular scheduled posting
I'm sorry Axxe but your last post is stamped..Today 10:02 I will have no idea what you said until then..:eek:
WRONG, WRONG, greyhawk55, you posted at "Today 11:08 PM" and that was copied and pasted right off the screen.

I just checked my other two computers hanging off the Router, and they BOTH say the same thing.....5 hours difference. Checked 6 other forums I regurally visit and all are OK. Even 2 of them use the same Message Board Software this one does.

I love these LITTLE MYSTERIES....and of course the simpilist errors, mistakes, ect. are the hardest to detect/explain.
When I do a Date/Time conversion using UTC/GMT I am seeing Date/Time stamps on the Marlin Forum as it would be in Iceland/Great Britian/Spain/Western most countries in Africa.............:confused:
Time stamp check to compare to GMT
For anybody who is interested:

It seems my computers are not converting the UNIVERSAL CLOCK TIME STAMP on the records from the DataBase on the Server hoasting this Forum.

And its just the time stamp on THIS FORUM.......VERY STRANGE INDEED
They are doing the correct conversion on every other server I have hit.

All date/time stamps are stored on records on a server in GMT. When that record is retrieved or deposited a conversion is done by the LOCAL Machine to display it based on the Time Zone on that machine. The time I am seeing here is GMT.
Actully....the way it reads I am around ICELAND.......:eek: And it was almost in the 40's this morning.....LOL
The forum doesn't use a server time stamp.

You need to go here and change your time zone, then save.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
TAAA--DAAA........thank you Austin....Great site, and GREAT SUPPORT.....:D
The Force is Back In Allignment.......:)
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