December 7th, 1941

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    It is ironic that my father, who was a WWII vet, was moved with the Pearl Harbor slaughter, and also died 5 years ago today.

    RIP dad!

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    Let us never forget......
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    My father who also is gone now was also a WW II, as well as Korea and Vietnam. My father in law is a Navy vet of WW II also. I plan on visiting the WWII memorial in DC. My father in law got to go during the push last few years to get all the former members to the Memorial. It was a chartered flight out of Springfield, Mo. early in the morning and they returned late that night. I am glad he got to go. NO Cost to them, what a gesture. My niece, a registered Nurse, was his escort, Escorts had to pay their own way. Of course the ENTIRE FAMILY took care of that part. My son who was in DC on business met them there and spent the day with them.

    I have been to the Arizona Memorial, and the Vietnam Wall, They totally humble you.

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    They sure do. Even the travelling Memorial Vietnam Wall, which is coming into my town next month, is a sight to see.
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    I read this morning that the Feds are letting the Memorial at Pearl Harbor fall into dis-repair. Sad if it is true.