DHA purchases 2,700 Light Armored Veh.

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    Not wanting to jump to any conclusions.......................
    And having retired military and DOD members on here - what are your thoughts.


    From what I understand, the vehicles were surplus.
    Quote. "The MRAPs were not built for DHS. They were built for the US Army and Marine Corps. When they took those huge trucks over to Afghanistan, they found them to be too large to maneuver in villages and other confined areas, so they designed a newer smaller vehicle called the MATV and built a bunch of those. THE MRAPS were surplusses and handed out to police forces all throughout the US."
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    having already been paid for they had to find a use for them. I wouldn`t worry about them to much..I do see the military (DOD) forces falling under the control of DHS sometime in the future..Having first hand experience with these vehicles they are robust and basically indestructible..If they are a threat they can be disabled with a moltov coctail over the optics when battle locked,the crew is blind and has to come out.they carry 240 COAX and M2 .50 cal as standard armament so heading to the hills is your best option