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did you scope your lever ??

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My 49 year old eyes don`t see like they use to, a few years ago I put a 2-7 leupold on my 336, some scope,some use factory irons,some use peep sights. Curious as to what you all use to see thru.
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I use the basic Iron sites. I sport shoot and not for long distances so I never moved into scopes.
So far, nope.

I'm going to use a peep on the 1952 Marlin 336RC because its a waffle-top...
kinda hard to find one that hasn't been D/T'd for scope mounts...which destroys the waffling.

Happy with the Ghost-Ring sights on the 1895SBL...but may eventually put a Marbles Creedmore tang sight on it.

I've got enough scoped M60/795/25MN/etc lying around...quite enjoyable to shoot with a peep on occasion. :)
I scoped my 44 mag leveraction with a Nikon ProStaff 3x9 varible scope and seems to work great for me,i dont shoot much over 75 yards but with my 51 year old eyes i'll take all the help i can get.
If its my rifle and I intend to shoot it. It is scoped. I wish I could blame it on old eyes but I have never been good with open sights.
Every Marlin is scoped and every lever is scoped with the same one so I don't have to think about adjustments or placement of rifle when I shoulder it. (Bushnell Banner 1.5 X 4.5)

My mod. 60 has a BSA 4x40 and my 30-30 has a BSA 3-9x40.
The .35 has the original sights. My eyes are failing also so I'm seriously considering mounting a Sight-Mark Reflex on the .35.
I have 3 already and really like them. One on my CVA 50 cal., another on my crossbow and a third on a 22 pistol that I own.
I scope everything, even my Marlin bolt action 12 gauge wears a scope. My 336SS wears a bushnell 3200 2-7x32mm.
My Guidegun wears a Leupold VX 1 1-4x20 shotgun scope. it has a heavy reticle. It makes for a great woods gun. My 47 year old lookers ain't what they used to be. Plus the early morning, late afternoon brighter sight picture makes a BIG difference while hunting.

I do like the idea of a skinner sight though. I just might try one on my muzzleloader.
My 336 is scoped with a Weaver K6 its in the shop or i would be hunting some piggy's right now. Im waiting on weaver to call
I took the scope off and installed a skinner peep, 2 reasons= I got the 30-06 now for longer ranges and I`m getting lazik eye rurgery in a few weeks so I`ll be able to see, I figured I can use the 30-30 for a hundred yard deer gun on the west side (brush country) and the 06 on the east side (canyon country) its great to have choices..
I have a 3X9 BSA on my 30-30. It's my primary hunting rifle. Aside from using it for deer hunting in neighboring states, I can use it here for coyote. With the new LE ammo, it should be good out to 200 yards which is just about at the max. range at which I feel confident.
The .35 Rem. still has the factory sights but I'm thinking about mounting a Reflex Red Dot on it to compensate for my failing eye sight. I have a Reflex on my 50 cal. muzzle loader and really like it.

So far , no scopes on the Marlins . The area I hunt the range is usually less than 75 yards , and early in the season it's closer to 1/2 that. I use receiver sights when I can.
I inherited a Wrenchester 88 in 308 with a tip away scope . Late season with the leaves down and some snow on the ground you can see a lil farther , so I'll carry the wrenchester with the carry handle once in a while.
My old eyes are liking scoped guns these days too !
Just got back into marlins, sold my 35 ten years ago and sorry since.
Found a pre safety 35 and put a fixed 4x32 banner on it. My buddy sold me his 30/30 last month and he had a 3x9x40. Might shoot it today ?

I enjoy them all really,

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