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did you scope your lever ??

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My 49 year old eyes don`t see like they use to, a few years ago I put a 2-7 leupold on my 336, some scope,some use factory irons,some use peep sights. Curious as to what you all use to see thru.
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So far, nope.

I'm going to use a peep on the 1952 Marlin 336RC because its a waffle-top...
kinda hard to find one that hasn't been D/T'd for scope mounts...which destroys the waffling.

Happy with the Ghost-Ring sights on the 1895SBL...but may eventually put a Marbles Creedmore tang sight on it.

I've got enough scoped M60/795/25MN/etc lying around...quite enjoyable to shoot with a peep on occasion. :)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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