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Did you see the Russian ships Comrade?

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Not to be political but they had to take three votes to get God back in the platform and then they booed Him -

And today I read in the Navy Times that during Adm. John Nathman's honoring of the veterans, they displayed on the big screen, a background photo of four Soviet-era Commie warships!

Whose side are these people on?
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Jesus christ lord and savior!!

28shooter whose side are these people on?[/quote said:
when i was a kid every morning we pledged our allegance to god indivisible...i worked at a school at night as a janitor for the benifits because i had none at my shop, plus i like to could not say merry christmas.a teacher who went through hell,a abusive husband and cancer,well by the grace of god she got over everything and was a great person.she was a god fearing woman.she did her room up every year for christmas i would help her with the lights and tree,we where friends.i come in one day. A couple days before the holiday break and all christmas decorations where down, i went into her room and she was crying,one black child and i am not predudice at all,one black child went home and told his parents,well they got the union involved, the principal.the child observed kwanza and not christmas and it offended his parents,now 27 out of 28 children suffered because of one child and she was written up,janitors are invisible so we hear everything.i overheard the principal say to the union rep we don`t need a problem with these blacks.kwanza came and i have no idea even what you put up for kwanza, but the teacher was forced by the principal to dress up her room with i guess kwanza stuff?.so now 27 children have no idea what kwanza is have to observe this religion and the teacher that day had to inform the children about the kwanza religion.she quit sometime soon.principals at schools are not principals they are lawyers keeping problems from arising even if it takes away from a whole religion because in the principals own words they do not need any problem with the blacks.but white christans had no right to observe their holiday and could not speak of not even get me started on is a sad day when christians and catholics have to be ashamed or stay quiet about it or the not a chapter declaration of independance say we can abserve and be free to our religion and it`s beliefs or now they just pick and choose who can or can`t enjoy their holiday or worship a certain god without being politically corect and the liberals fight for any thing and everything buy the things that are in our constiution,some polititions went so far as to say the declaration of independance is out of touch and a new one should be made may i ask by who,the government,the liberals.what is coming of this world when certain people cannot observe their right to enjoy their religion but others are ok because the govenment does not want another rodney king riot.well i say i love god jesus christ as my lord and savior and am christian and merry christman and happy easter to all of you.
No, i will

have you seen the movie "the last ounce of courage" yet? Maybe there's some changes a'coming.

bill i have not. But i will now you brought it up.we need a change and i hope for a better one and thank you for commenting,that is a sticky subject and i kinda went off so thank you for having the courage to comment..
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