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    Was loading up some more .38 for the target pistol. After loading up about 30 rounds I started weighing them. Noticed from 1-3 10th of a grain difference. Since I had the same load prowder, same bullet and primer thought the only big difference was brass.

    Took 3 brands, Winchester, Remington, and Blazer. Made sure all where same length. And yes, different brands weighed different. Remington was lightest, Winchester and then Blazer the heaviest. Has to be the thickness and composition of the brass. Since all were sized the interior has to be of a different volume. With the same loads of powder, bullet, and primer all three will produce a different Pressure....therefore affecting performance.

    In using the three brands, and I keep them separate when shooting, In my gun the Blazer brass shoots better than the other two. In the Carry .38 with different bullet and load the Winchester is best.
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    Even more so with rifle brass.
    Since I have had a serious look at all my brass, especially .222 brass, and segregated them into brand names, I have noticed that there is a slight difference, in the way they shoot.
    For me, it meant I have to slightly adjust my scope when I run out of one brand of reloaded cases, to the other.
    Still nothing major, just that I am aware of it and put out a couple of sighters, and then adjust, for the next batch.


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    So right Bucky.....

    I load for 4 different .308s. Use 3 different brass. Two likes Winchester, 1 Remington and 1 Federal. Now I have another .308 (Wizzard) and will have to start pretty soon workin up one for it. Shoots pretty good with Remington Core-lok Factory, but with a reload will probley change. I am kinda partial to Federal Brass so far....shoots best in my .308 and .223.
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    I read some where that it was Remington brass was sometimes thinner
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    I load one .308 with Remington brass. So far no problems with it. However I do use Remington brass for some 38s. All the problems I've had with necks (when seating the bullet) has been with Remington brass. In about 1 of 50-75 seating operations on .38 Remington brass the neck will roll back. Never has happened with Winchester or Blaser. Also have used some Fiochi and no problem there either. When this happens I just pull the bullet (easy with a rolled neck) come out with fingers, dump the powder back in the canister and punch out the primer and reuse. Right now Remington is the biggest count of my .38 brass....over a 1,000. I've also noticed that Rem. 38 brass resizes a lot easier than others. The bottleneck rifle brass doesn't seem to have that problem.