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Doh !

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Well since reading the thread about where to keep ammo I decided to build a cabinet for my ammo. So I measured the height of my safe so the cabinet would be same height. I measured and had an easy two foot of space for the width so I made my rough plans.
I had two sheets of plywood and enough 2x4 boards left over from taking down the old bullet stop which was enough to build it. The plywood even had a few bullets stuck in it. All was well weathered also.
So I built the cabinet 2 foot deep and wide with 59 inch height. I hadn't installed the door yet. I used wood screws I had left over { 1000} from I have no idea what project. I have a tendency to buy way more than I need for some reason. I guess I don't want to come up short before project is done. There isn't a nail in the whole cabinet.
Now comes the DOH! I forgot the opening to the closet is only 23" wide. The dang cabinet is not going to fit through the dang opening. I repeated the same four letter word several times along with a few "dumb ass" comments following that. I was wondering how much a saws all costs and was I going to cut the closet opening bigger or cut the cabinet down. Figured I would be better to cut on the cabinet not the house walls.
Turns out I was glad I used screws because I removed and reinstalled the screws back two inches. Popped a chalk line and had at it with the circular saw on the front edge door opening. Took me a couple hours but now the cabinet is 22 inches depth.
I had two old old quart cans of walnut stain and polyurethane left over from some old project, again bought more than I needed I guess. I used up both and figured I would paint the door with cheapo black gloss spray paint so it would match the safe a little more.
Well now comes another DOH !
Supposedly paint doesn't stick to polyurethane to well. I was just going to use cheapo $.99 indoor/outdoor spray paint from Wally's. The stain and the poly soaked in like the wood was a sponge which didn't surprise me since the wood had been outside for maybe 3 years. So I am thinking the paint could possibly stick to the wood. The finish isn't near being a smooth filled gloss finish. Actually I think it might have just sealed it better for painting. So tomorrow I will find out if the paint will stick to the door first in case I have to sand it off.
It amazes me I actually built this house mostly myself and it came out pretty darn good for someone that had to learn at the library how to frame a house, plumb and wire it. I do have a few screw ups but not noticeable except to an experienced builder or inspector. Twenty three years and it still is standing and not falling apart. If only I could build a cabinet now!
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Looks good, straightshooter! I did notice that the height of your ammo storage cabinet appears to be about .00001" higher than your safe so you need to take care of that ;). Seriously, I need to a project like yours. Got too much ammo stacked in crates and cans in my garage....
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