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Don't let Hillary Take away our rights.

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I picked this up from another forum

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JUST SAY Hillary and her demented views of the 2nd amendment.

I don't care how much YOU Don't Like Trump...Vote for Mickey Mouse...

But Don't Vote for that Lying, Two Faced, Unconstitutional, Liberty Hating Bitch !!

Think of what she will do to the Bill of Rights...and who she will put into the Supreme Court to uphold her actions !!

Vote Mickey Mouse...Trump...that pot smoking Colorado clown...or Stein... or just don't vote.
If nominated I will not run...
If elected I will not serve...

Pat Paulsen for President.
I'd like to see an honest Justice Department put her in jail.
So will Trump take away Social Security?

So will Trump take away Social Security?

Hope not. But I may have to turn in to a drifter if he does.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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