Ejector Spring for my XT 22, finally in Oz, and a short essay ( hehehe)

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  1. Bucky

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    Approx 10 weeks ago I somehow sheered off the ejector spring, of my new Marlin XT 22 stainless rifle with a tube feed magazine.
    The local agents in Oz wanted the rifle back, so they can do a warranty job.

    Wrong, I can get the springs from Numrich, in the States for $8 plus each.
    Found the spring on their site, but no "Photo".

    I then emailed them, with a photo of the actual spring.
    "We don't answer emails quickly, as we are very busy", was their "standard answer."

    Pointless I thought, they must be correct, but no photo.
    I then ordered 2 of.
    Postage was $47. ( bloody rediculous, but I needed them)


    I emailed them, and no reply. (standard answer)
    I emailed them again, and still no reply (standard answer)

    Bucky's revenge then kicked in. !

    I found their Facebook page, and bagged them out.
    Within 6 hrs got an email from them telling me it was my fault, as I ordered the wrong part.
    I then replied to them saying how could it be my fault, when you do not answer your emails, and then have the nerve to charge me an exorbitant price to ship over 2 friggin springs,
    (total weight probably not even 30 grams, you could fit 20 in a match box. )

    End result, after another email, with another photo of the spring, I needed.
    Shipped to me within 1 week, 2 correct springs.
    Now all good.

    I then apologized to Numrich on Facebook, for bagging them, and did another post saying that their follow up service was great.

    Me now happy.
    Bunnies may not be, in the coming weeks

  2. Gumpy

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    Good job! We all need to be more like you and start holding these people who have been bleeding us dry for the last year responsible for their business! No company is to big for lousy customer service.

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    Hold em to it...

    Ree Ree Ree...kick em in the knee.

    Rass Rass Rass...kick em in the...other knee.:D