Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker...

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    I'll show it to the wife. We do a lot of crock pot cooking, probably twice a week. With all the kids activities, especially in September and October we don't everyone at the table for supper like most of the other months of the year.

    As far as living out of your car, sounds like from your posts here you're in a better situation now and good on ya for persevering.

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    There are several to choose from plus other kinds of cookers. This is the one I have. I want to get a smaller one and also a bigger one later. However, my best laid plan has taken a turn and i may be on the hoof again. I had to give up my CDL because I went on insulin.

    I won't have a lot of money for things like this but my disability check will cover the bills and I have plenty of plenty of junk to keep me going. I really don't need much of anything except food, and I have my popguns to help with that...if I can get out there and find something to shoot.

    The cooker (this week) has been used for several small roast cuts, with and without vegetables. I have some chicken quarters in now sow cooking (trying that for the first time.) Lunch should be done about noon. Then later I will see what I can dig up for dinner and I may use the cooker for that.

    BUT, I still have one Hungry Man Meatloaf dinner in the freezer. If nothing sounds good, I will go get a McDouble Booger and say good nuff.

    Let me know if you get one. It comes with some instructions but I can help you with answers if you need them. Also, the company is on Facebook if you use that.
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    I remember my father used a pressure cooker a lot and the little thing that used to rock on the top and steam with a relive valve with steam. Oh dam I don't know the name of the parts.:confused:
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    I have one of those also. I also have electric heat and stove and using a Pressure Cookers on an electric stove is a PITA. The electric cooker does it's own regulation and all you have to do is press the button you want to use and turn the regulator to pressure or steam and then let er rip. The button you need for meat...or rice...or beans, etc are where you set your time. If you cook meat for instance, and want 45 minutes,pour in 1/2 cup water, spice to your taste, press meat button 2 times and 45 mins pop up on the digital screen. It will let you know when the 45 min is up. Allow the steam to slowly and the alarm will tell you when you can open the cooker.

    I am impatient so I slowly release the steam at the top where there is the pressure regulator. Open just enough to let steam out slowly. But be careful, it is a delicate touch. After several seconds when the pressure is almost gone you will hear the seals release and you can open the lid.

    Pressure cooking super heats under pressure so be careful of liquid, food and steam. It is above 212 for a couple seconds and still at 212 for another few minutes.

    That little jiggler on the top is replaced on an electric by the spring tensioned regulator. And with the electric you can immediately go back to your forum, Mah Jhong or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue after you close the lid.

    I many times run my roasts through a second cycle. I like the meat stringy tender. I pour off the juice and make pulled meat sandwiches, or even put the cooker in the browning mode and dry the meat. When done browning, I pour in some spaghetti sauce and simmer until the spaghet is done. EXPZ.

    It is as much for a chef as for a Lazy Boy like me...Glad I mentioned that. Time for my afternoon nap. I don't like to go to bed tired at night so I may have 2 or 3 naps. This electric pressure cooker assures me of plenty of recreation time. Sometime I dream about golf, and sometimes about catching one of them there SI gals wearing little else than a smile. :cool: