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Very Interesting.
Here is another of his links -

Many years ago, I became interested in calculating energy. Not so much now. Pretty much, it gets the job done or it doesn't.
Here is another link on Kinetic Energy.
I guess we payed someone to come up with this stuff. Not sure how they came up with the E=1/2MV squared idea.

I concluded at that time to leave out the whole "squared' thing and base energy solely on weight & velocity.
I figure it's like hitting a brick wall with a Half Ton Truck at 45 mph vs a VW at 90 mph. Which does the most damage. Better yet, which one achieved the predetermined goal?
What caused me to question the whole KE thing was when "someone" claimed that the 9 mm Luger had energy equal to the 45 acp. :confused: :confused:
Then came the debate about the 17 HMR vs the 22 Mag. :confused: :confused:
Back to my original thought, "does it get the job done?"
But I guess it doesn't hurt to have a reference to establish a starting point and adjust from there based on experience.
Or, just ask one of the members on the Marlinforum. We'll help get ya started.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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