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Everybody is losing it

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Just as you know the price of guns and ammo has hit a feeding frnzy.My local gun pusher has a Baretta Nano with only one Magazine way above market value Im pretty sure its used.I asked him to look at it and asked about the other magazine he said it only has one.I thought i could trust him or is it the current resident of the Whitehouse turning all of us in to crooks? Oh yeah im in the market for a good CC gun.:confused:
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Hard times make for hard people!!! It's so sad.
Sad to say, but some people get greedy. I seen a PA-63 at the gun show last month with a price tag of $400. In this area, average value should be around $250 if you can find them.
The reason that I noticed is two fold.
1. That's the first one I've seen at a show for many moons.
2. I just sold one with an extra mag and a box of shells to a friend for $150.
I made a little profit and he got a good deal. Life is still good among friends (most of the time).
the automatic CC guns flew off the shelves weeks ago, get a good wheel gun before they fly the coop to..I do think the frenzy will end, It may have actually already ended but the panic is still here...I`m gonna laugh when all the guys that paid $1500-$2500 for an AR will be holding a $400 AR in a few years
I'm glad I don't have any money to throw away, or I might be tempted!
This is the only time i have any money and there is nothing to be found.Ihave not been to the range in like forever becaus what ever is shoot i wont be able to replace
Ironically the hardest to find is the all-time plinker, .22lr
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