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Nice article Mate !
Consistency is the hardest thing to find. That's why I started reloading, although Federal Premium Rounds, are proving popular with my mates, because they are very consistent.

For example, on a recent hunting trip with 4 workmates, 3 used Factory ammo, and all shot well.
I spent a lot of time reworking my ammo, to find that they all shot incredibly good, and the other thing I did was to sight them in at 200 Meters (220 yds), and WOW !, has that really opened my eyes to accuracy.

Batch variation does certainly exist, but what I do is I make up 6 rounds, on the new batch, go out and put a few rounds at a target, to see what they are doing, and either change the length, slightly, or vary the Powder weight just a little, and go back out and re-test. In the last few years, I have been looking at the Powsed Batch Number, and trying to get 3 or 4 , 500 Gran cans the same.

Then I weigh the 60+ years on the planet, and my own steadiness dropping slightly, and that brings accuracy back a little.

One of the "Boys" had purchased an "el Cheepo" rifle, in 25-06 cal. (can't remember the brand) and it shot best of all the rifle. But apparently not all the time, and he reconned that he wes ready to chuck it into a Dam. Hard trigger, and shooting all over the place, you know how it goes. !
He then he read an article on Timney Triggers,, purchased one, and that rifle shoots incredible.
His next step was to put a Leupold VX3 ( $1100) scope, and he almost never misses, at any distance.

Cheers Bucky
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