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Oct 1 - 31 here. The grandson has been seeing them while squirrel hunting. One today within 10 yards of the Deer Stand. Have a group of 4 good sized hens that hang around across the road from my drive and right next to the fence. They are getting use to cars going by and don't run off anymore. This year Cameron will go from the Mossberg 500 20ga to the 835 12ga. He is as tall as me now and in a size 11.5 shoe (today) In the spring he was a size 10.5. His 15 year old brother is up to a 13 and they are getting tight. Also wants a new scope for the deer rifle. My neighbor gave me a nice 3X9 today as we were shooting. I had given him a good 7X in the spring for his Glenfield (Marlin 60) Squirrel gun. It looks its years but still a tack driver.
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