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fall turkey season

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Taking my boy out tomorrow to get our fall Turkey license. Its almost Turkey time.
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He's 12. Had to cancel purchasing licenses today..... work called. LOL. Try again tomorrow:)
All set for fall turkey. Even bought my wife a licence.
Our season run from September 14 till November 13 here in Michigan. 12 days and counting.
Finally seen a nice flock of turkeys this morning. It was looking promising... the were walking towards me, until a stinking coyote showed up. The turkeys decided to skedaddle. Other than that. Seen 6 doe a couple 6 point and an 8 point,2 squirrels and way to many chipmunks.
You didn't take out the coyote?
No. I had the shotgun loaded with 3 1/2" #4 shot. With the coyote at most 20 yards. Them big shells kick this ol' mans butt. I was saving my shoulder for a turkey. LOL But I did have a 22 for if a squirrel stuck around before I had to leave. But I wasn't sure if the 22 would have been a quick kill.
BIRD DOWN!!! I got'em around 9:45 am, about 10 minutes after my boss called me in to go work. LOL
6-3/4" beard and no spurs whatsoever.
Now to take my son out in the afternoon and Sunday.
Sounds like a Jake....Or was it a bearded Hen ? Be good eatin. Congratulations dad........:D Bet you didn't even feel that 3.5" did ya ?? Don't worry about absence of spurs....only good for pickin your teeth with anyway. Now go get some more. Good luck to your son. I anit even been yet. Looks like first frost Sunday night. Monday is on the schedule. Should have the ticks and chiggers knocked down some.

It is a Jake. Beard measured 6.75" And as far as the kick, your right. I never thought about it till about 15 minutes later. LOL
We'll have to wait on taking the son and wife out. Her brother passed this afternoon. esophagus cancer. But maybe get her out there to relax a bit.
Sorry to hear about the loss of a family member! Said a prayer before sending this, and will mention him, and y'all in my Sunday School class this morning.
Thanks Grumpy :)
Bird Phasianidae Wild turkey Beak Plant

My fall season turkey. 6.75" beard


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My fall turkey display. Copper/desert camo paracord, 3 1/2" federal shell with beard set in and a few feathers wrapped in deer hide attached to the back of the shell casing. It's not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but for never doing anything like this before, this ol' man is satisfied.

White Natural material Sleeve Creative arts Jewellery

Feather Phasianidae Galliformes Gas Natural material


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Michigan's season is from Sept 15-Nov 14. Still trying for my wife and son to get theirs. For fall turkey.... any bird is good.
The boy is doing good in school, 6th grade, so for "reward" took him out for turkey after school yesterday. No birds. But by the time we were leaving, Mrs Squirrel showed up. So my son invited her to dinner instead. :)
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