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Favorite Region

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greyhawk50 is on the road and it made me think.

What's your favorite region? Most exotic place traveled to?

I like the mountains. Cool even in the summer.

It's nice.
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Very cool photos.

So do you have a favorite region then? home state: Pennsylvania !!

Where I was born...

Where I have sunk roots and raised a family...

Where mostly all of my family and friends live...

Where I hunt and camp and travel and enjoy life...

And probably where they will bury me !! ;)
That makes sense. I look at Texas the same way.

The mountain deserts of the inter mountain west, ID, WY, MT, northern NV and UT, eastern WA and OR some parts of CO. Mountains and northern desert for me. Northern CA is a great place but I could never do with the government there. I've become used to the rain here, and kind of like this place, to many people though.

I've always wanted to see Utah. I have a lot of friends out that way and they say it's a sportsman's paradise.
Last time I was at the ocean kind of changed my opinion.

I was on the coast after the Deep Horizon spill and there was a ton of stuff in the water.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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