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Favorite Region

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greyhawk50 is on the road and it made me think.

What's your favorite region? Most exotic place traveled to?

I like the mountains. Cool even in the summer.

It's nice.
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Hey all. Just checking in.
I'll have to agree with Hyphenated. Although, not as well traveled as he, there is an abundance of beauty throughout our great nation. Many regions have there own unique beauty. The area where I live in Ohio is very scenic.
Most will say that there is no place like home. It's great to get away and always better to get back home.
I gravitate towards the mountains. The Allegheny Mountain Range in Pa. is one of my favorites. I been up there Deer Hunting numerous time. The real beauty is found deep in the woods. I'm also fond of the Smokey Mountains between Gatlinburg Tn. & Cherokee NC.
In 2010 when we went to Idaho, I thought the drive from West Yellowstone to Bozeman Mt. on Hwy 191 was the best. This year, the best was today as we drove North from Senora Az. to Flagstaff on Hwy. 89a. The scenery was amazing.
As for exotic; I took a 9 week business trip to Japan back in 1982. Very interesting, in many different ways.
Thanks, Grey
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