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Favorite Region

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greyhawk50 is on the road and it made me think.

What's your favorite region? Most exotic place traveled to?

I like the mountains. Cool even in the summer.

It's nice.
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I like both the mountains and the shore....

Camping in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my wife and friends...hiking and taking pics of nature. We usually go to Ricketts Glen...which has a lake that feeds two parallel trails down the mountain with waterfalls on either side. Camp at the top near Lake Jean...hike down the one side, then up the other.

Swimming in the ocean...sunning on the beach, and having a few frosty ones while watching all the bathing beauties is also a favorite of mine. We usually go to Ocean City, NJ...which is a dry town ( no liquor sold ), and thus a little more family friendly. We just import the booze...

As far as traveling...been in almost every state in the union for the DoD...including Hawaii and Alaska.

Been to Canada...British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Been to Mexico...Cancun, Tulum, and the Chitzen Itza Mayan ruins ( climbed to the top of that 365 step pyramid )

Been to Ireland...Donegal...ancestral home is Donegal Castle ( occupied by the Brits right now ).

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Yes I do...

Very cool photos.

So do you have a favorite region then? home state: Pennsylvania !!

Where I was born...

Where I have sunk roots and raised a family...

Where mostly all of my family and friends live...

Where I hunt and camp and travel and enjoy life...

And probably where they will bury me !! ;)
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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