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Fell in my Lap

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I was working on a house for a lady and in the process we discovered a Winny 94 in the basement wrapped up in cardboard (was here late husbands from 7 years past).
She was insistent that I take it as payment for the work I did (around $150 bucks). I told her it was worth way more than that, but she said she wanted it out of the house, and wouldn't take "NO" for an answer.
One should always try to keep the women in their lives happy. So I did. :D
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Thanks SWO1

I pride myself on doing great work at a fair price, without gouging people. I've had repeat business that way, as well as new customers.
Which is cool :cool: especially when I'm laid off.
I shot it yesterday with some 150 grn hand-loads. After about 10 rounds, I settled into 4 rounds in 1" @ 50 yds and 4 rounds in 4-1/2" @ 100 with the factory Buckhorn sights and no sling or bench! ( I need a peep).
I don't think it has been shot very much, if at all; the first 6 shots it would only take 2 at a time (loading gate issue), after that 4 rounds would feed good. It appears to have some hardened gunk or oil in the action. Barrel is bright and shiny. I will give a real good cleaning and try again next weekend.:D
checked Winchester mfg dates to serial # ; made in 1974 (no cross bolt) and is a "Top eject", empties land on my hat or go clear over my head when cycling the action with it on my shoulder. I'm hoping after a hundred or more rounds she'll loosen up and group a little tighter, she's still minute of deer though! :cool:
Those hand-loads were Sierra Pro Hunter 150 grn round nose over 33 grns of BLC-2 for published speed of 2320 fps.
I haven't bought factory ammo in 20+ years.
This is a very accurate load in my son's Savage 170 pump gun (just under 2" @ 100 yds)
peep sights

Yeah, Midway has a Williams 5D, receiver mounted-peep site, on sale for $30.99 until the end of the month. Tryin to save up some scratch for that, LGS doesn't any sights like that in stock. :( I have a Williams receiver peep on my Marlin and it is awesome, fast target acquisition and no unwieldy scope for those thick timbers, I have the "99" for the long stuff.

Aaaahhh ! Lever Goodness !!

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Just received my Williams 5D-94/36 peep sight yesterday, (from Midway) can't wait to install it and go shooting.
It's just like a FP (fool-proof), but without the "audible" clicks. Might have to change the front sight, don't know yet. :cool:
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