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Feral Goats

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Hi everyone !
Just dropped another video on the Forum
Enjoy, but sorry about the quality
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They just roam your property?
Feral goats certainly do that.
There are literally millions in Oz
They have always been feral, and I am buggered if I know just how and when they were introduced .
Fences do not hold them in to any 1 location.
These days they are worth $60-$70 a head, and are mustered on motorbikes and choppers, and shipped off to market.
Can't say as I blame the farmers for that.
It really is amazing just how many are out there

Any species introduced into an environment without natural predators

will over populate said environment...

That's why man has to step in and cull the herd.
There are approx 2 million Feral Camels too. they shoot the camels too !?
Will get some footage for you in the next couple of days
Till then it's zZzzZzzZzz !
Bed and sleep
Feral Camels in the outback.
Estimates vary from between 1 and 2 million.
Check out the links below

I emailed them to help with the Culling, but never heard back. ( Rats )
Is camel meat edible????
I recon it would be !
They are talking about cutting them up, for an untapped Export market
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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