Finally getting the Brush Hogging Done

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    Most of the day yesterday, and 4 hours today. Takin a break. The sprouts on the north 40 grew like ganbusters this summer. With all the rain and warm weather a lot of them are from 2-3" around and 5-7' tall. Briars are above the hood. Have to run in second gear and then have to make two passes to bust em down to the ground. All the runnin in 2nd gear gets the tractor HOT !! Probably the rest of today and tomorrow to finish. The old Ford is beatin me to death ..... :eek: With manual steering might be till after the first of the year till my back, arms, shoulders get over this beatin.
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    Couldn't resist. I been there, done that on my bus:

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    Yard work can be a bitch...but it can also rewarding.

    Spent 4 hours doing yard work yesterday...sunny...71 a tan !! :cool:

    And the yard looked good for about 4, it looks like when I started.

    And the leaves haven't even started to turn yet....:rolleyes:
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    I used to mow for golf courses as well as all the schools in my hometown. Some of the golf course stuff was just like what you mentioned. I had to pull a vine out of a tall maple with the tractor once...pissed off about 1000 bats.