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Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by rs917, Oct 11, 2014.

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    I've been lurking for a while since I don't own a Marlin but I finally changed that today. Went to a gun show and found a 1951 39A in pretty good condition and ended up walking out with it for $440.

    Pictures below. It has some light rust on part of the lever and is a little dirty (fuzz from a leather case) from sitting around, but it seems great. Bluing is worn through in a couple places. I wanted a shooter though, so this is ok. Hope I got a good deal as I have no idea what I'm doing!

    I do have two questions...

    1. Does this have the micro-groove barrel? It's an H-prefix serial.
    2. Has the front stock/grip been replaced? It doesn't have a sling mount hole like the stock does.

    I'm planning on taking it down for a good clean (seems pretty grimy inside) and I'll be looking at the wood. It probably just needs a good clean as it's dull and somewhat "sticky" for lack of a better word. Might give it some stock oil.

    It was well hidden in the tables; I had walked by it at least twice before noticing it, and I went to the show to get one! Walking the 60 seconds to the door from the table I had two people stop me and ask if I was selling. :)


    She's purdy...


    Slight marring on the grip...

    Chipped "butt plate"
  2. rs917

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    More pics due to image limit...

    Very slight rust on the lever - phone wouldn't take a good pic.




  3. greyhawk50

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    Welcome aboard. Glad to have you with us.
    Nice rifle.
  4. Mauserhooked

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    Congrats, rs917! Looks like an nice rifle.
  5. Gumpy

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    Welcome Mon! Your right, that sure is a purdy rifle. Let us know how it does on the range.
  6. SWO1

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    rs917 .... The "N" prefix shows it to be a 1949 vintage. Well before micro groove rifling was introduced in rimfires in 1953. The fore end does look to be a different grain wood. Nothing looks to keep it from being a great shooter. ENJOY.
  7. rs917

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    Well mine is an H prefix, which is 1951 as I understand, though still before the micro groove rifling. Hope it still shoots as good as its reputation.

    Question for everyone: I am curious...did I overpay?

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    Welcome and enjoy.

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  9. 28Shooter

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    Welcome and $440 would be a good price in my neighborhood. Those things just never turn up in the used rack.
  10. rs917

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    Took it to the range this weekend and it shoots like a dream! By the time I finished at 25yds I was tearing a ragged 1.5" hole. Windage is slightly off, but it doesn't bother me at all and I can fix it if I want anyway.

    Very happy with it. :D
  11. FOUR4D4

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    Welcome to Marlin Forum
  12. LT2108

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    Welcome to the forum
  13. jbardellini

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    Welcome to the forum

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  14. rs917

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    So since I got the automated "we haven't seen you in awhile" email from the forum, I'll consider that license to dredge up old threads. :D

    Anyway...been continuing to shoot the 39A. Sighting it in at 25yds I have the rear sight bottomed out completely and it still shoots high and left - about an inch. I'll probably knock the front sight over a little to bring windage into line, but kinda stuck on the elevation part. Doesn't bother me a ton; unless I think about it too much. :)
  15. MattNH

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    I missed this thread the first time. That is a beautiful rifle.

    I can't tell from the pictures what the front sight looks like. If it is a dovetail blade into a ramp, you may be able to use a taller one. Skinner Sights and Marbles make various blade dovetail ones, I have used both.

    Also, consider a Skinner peep sight on the receiver. I have a set on my 1894C and absolutely love them. They look spectacular on these vintage looking lever rifles.

    Skinner 39A link
  16. Marlindude

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    That's a great find at a bargain in my neighborhood ! Congrats!!
  17. Tinkerjohn

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    I have a Ballard single shot .22 Barrel length 28" barrel/rolling block. Un-restored, good rifling. Any one there could shed any light on this piece? Believe it to be, 1851?. I am not sure this is the right page of this forum?
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    Howdy and welcom to the camp from northeast Indiana. Thank you for the pictures. We like Marlin porn here. C'mon in towards the fire and have a seat on this stump over here. Help yourself to the coffee.


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    Hey RS,

    That is a great score!

    I know it has been a year. (late to the party, and all):D

    Do you have any "After" pics?:cool:

    Later, Mark