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Finally reloading some 9mm

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Finally found some pistol powder, got some bluedot for the FNP9..worked up to max 5.8 gr 100 rounds so far with no pressure sign or FTF issues. Using Rainier Ballistics 147 gr HP..I was reading bluedots not a good choice but it works great IMHO


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Sometimes you got to think outside the box - and it works fine.

I use Accurate Nitro 100 for 45 acp & 45 LC. It's left over from when I was seriously into Trap Shooting (back before the price of shot went through the roof and my sight went south). Back then, I was loading 5000 - 8000 shot shells a year so I bought the N-100 in 4# & 8# bottles. Had some left over so why not use it where I can? It works just fine.

By the way, nice looking loads.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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