Finally Scoped The 30-30

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by Rooster59, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Being an iron sight diehard it was hard to do but the 336TS is wearing a scope. Of course with QR rings so the offending glass can be removed unless it's needed.

    Since I bought this several months ago with an XS setup, and I don't care for the XS sights, I sold them off and needed some suitable irons. That gave me another opportunity to experiment. I've settled on a Marble's orange fiber optic front bead and Williams WDOS barrel sight with their fiber optic ghost ring aperture slid into it. They aren't made to go together but they work well together. The aperture is designed for the WGRS receiver base but the dovetail mounting is the same as the WDOS.

    The glass is a cheap Deerhunter 2.5x20 with pretty generous eye relief. Enough so to allow mounting it way forward on the Leupold one piece base. I think it could be lowered a bit if I file off the base rails from the back cross groove rearward to make room for the eyebell.

    The shooters view of the iron sights is a little off center but you get the idea. Now I'm working on my Sierra 125HP/FN varmint loads to use on coyotes at deer camp after our spring Missouri turkey season is over.

    336TS Firesights.JPG

    336TS Rear Firesight.jpg

    336TS Scout Setup.jpg
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    Turned out nice Rooster...but the proof is in the hunt !!

    Let us know how she "behaves"...

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    Well done Rooster. Thanks for sharing.
    I really like those Iron Sights, but, like you, I'm being forced to resort to optics.
    I have a 3X9 on my 30-30. My 35 Rem. has the original Irons on it but I'm thinking about adorning it with a Sight-Mark Reflex.
    Time will tell.
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    I guess I'm going into old age kicking and screaming so to speak. I've started with a fixed 2.5x so far. Maybe that will hold off the bigger scopes for a while.

    I'm still minute-of-deer-vitals or minute-of-coyote-vitals out to 125 yards with the 1895CB and a Williams FP but the longer stuff.............
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    Awesome we expect a full range report.:)
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    Looks nice.

    I live and die by XS Ghostrings. You absolutely have to ignore the rear sight.
    There is no reason for the ring on that upper at the distance from the eye you have it mounted.

    I regret selling every "TS" I've owned. I did keep the "LTS"


    A scope works fer sure. Happy Shootin!
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    So far no range report yet. Spent last weekend and part of this week undoing what mother nature did to us with hail earlier in the month. My trigger finger is getting real itchy.
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    I hear what your saying. I like my true peeps to have the option of ghost ring for woods hunting and small apertures for targets and handload testing. I had to go with a more conventional rear iron sight location to avoid R&R of the rear sight with the scope mount. I just can't go with a scout type scope mount forward of the receiver so it is what it is, for now. Who knows, I may find after some practice that I could satisfy myself with a peep out at 200+ yards with this rifle. Only my pessimism is holding me back.