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Firearm Photo Thread....Firearm Pics Only !!

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I visit alot of other forums and they have a "Sticky" thread of photos. Maybe we can get one started here and have the Mods "Sticky" it.
We all are proud of our guns, whether we just bought them, built them or restored them... show them off. But pics only....
Wood Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gas

Hand tool Wood Tool Metalworking hand tool Workbench

Wood Tool Workbench Hand tool Hardwood

Wood Gas Wood stain Hardwood Machine tool


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Fave handgun


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Spud! How do like the Nagant? Started a couple of times to get one but never have. Still like to get one.
wonder what the trigger pull is?
Were all pitiful, ya know it!!!!!
Can anyone tell me what rifle this is?
What rifle?
Whats a "Hills Hoist", Tonysize?
I recognized that in your crosshairs, but I could not put the two together! lol
That's a beautiful piece of art, Bubs!!!!!
Very nice Spud! Very nice!
Obama gun????
That's what I'm talking about!! There is some beautiful grain in the wood. Slick set up. I want one just like it.
Very nice!
Marlin is the artist of many works of art! Beautiful Mon!
I've said this before, but again, you do very good work! Craftsman type work.
I won't say professional. A professional is someone 50 miles from home with a briefcase! Lol
That's great to have so people can continue to learn. The old ways are dying out with the old timers!
1 - 15 of 172 Posts
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