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Firearm Photo Thread....Firearm Pics Only !!

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I visit alot of other forums and they have a "Sticky" thread of photos. Maybe we can get one started here and have the Mods "Sticky" it.
We all are proud of our guns, whether we just bought them, built them or restored them... show them off. But pics only....
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Thanx oldbrass the medium hight rings gave it enough clearance for bolt removal, past the eye piece, on top of the weaver mounts.
Marlin XT-22 VR.
Cleaned, scope mounted and bore sighted ready for the range. As i did this i was wondering how many "Hills Hoists" have aided the sighting in of scopes in Australia.


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Whats a "Hills Hoist", Tonysize?
It's a rotary clothes line.
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Boyds stock on XT-22 bsa sweet 22 6-18x40
Hi Rifleman97

Nice looking Stock. I've been thinking about getting a Boyds for my XT-22VR. Let me know if you find a Trigger guard anytime soon, I'm kinda holdin' out till i can get one.
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