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Firearm Photo Thread....Firearm Pics Only !!

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I visit alot of other forums and they have a "Sticky" thread of photos. Maybe we can get one started here and have the Mods "Sticky" it.
We all are proud of our guns, whether we just bought them, built them or restored them... show them off. But pics only....
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Hi spud9, you are just having way too much fun.
Just don't bend over too much or you too will be coated with the hydragraphic material. :D:D:D
Very nice rifles
He always says, "I should have never picked it up and held it". Look what followed me home today. A brand new shipping box...& there was something inside!
Love the way the wood grain looks, enjoy
I got my 336ss finally set up like I want. Shot like a dream.
Very nice rifle what round do you use?
Mossberg 702, can you see it...? It's camoflaged.... hehe....

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I am just about finished with an old Marlin 99, walnut stock is beautiful.... Post soon maybe tomorrow.
Hi spud,
Very nice in deed I like it, but the only way for that beautiful rifle to be camouflaged if it was in my house.
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Very nice rifles
From a 22lr to a 30-06, and finally to a big boy 44mag
You definitely cover all of mine style of rifles.
I did however like the M14 (USMC rifle) a bit too heavy, but I did saw Ruger M-14 Mini-Thirty Ranch in 7.62 is one I like to have. Well Christmas is around the corner, and I'm going have to drop some hinds from now until then.
1 - 6 of 172 Posts
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