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Dutchs, I noticed you had a pic of an 887 Nitro. How do you like it, how does it compare to other shotguns in its class (as say the 870)? I was looking at one today in the new Wal-Mart that came in Anchorage (makes number 3 in my fine city) the price is $367.00 about $30.00 more than the 870 with wood furniture.
Sorry Art I'm a little slow sometimes:eek: I really like the 887 , I had a 870 before and this is a much nicer feeling shotgun to me..It shoots the 3 1/2 inchers too. It is VERY light so it's a recoil heavy so be ready but I kinda like that myself. Very nice Shotgun for the money IMO....
1 - 7 of 172 Posts
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