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Firearm Photo Thread....Firearm Pics Only !!

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I visit alot of other forums and they have a "Sticky" thread of photos. Maybe we can get one started here and have the Mods "Sticky" it.
We all are proud of our guns, whether we just bought them, built them or restored them... show them off. But pics only....
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My newest Marlin. An 1880's Marlin Ballard #2 with 9 special order options. Chambered in .32-40, and dates to around 1877. The pistol is an American Western Arms clone of the Colt SAA.

And a few of my old JM Marlin Ballard rifles:

Top to bottom:
#3 Gallery .22 Long
#2 Hunter .38 Extra Long
#5 Pacific .45-70 Govt.
#4 Perfection .45-70 Govt.
#6 Schuetzen .22 Short Zettler Bros conversion.

#3F Fine Gallery .22L
#8 Union Hill .38-55
#9 Union Hill .32-40
Special order engraved non std. model. .38-55
Schoyen Schuetzen custom Ballard. .38-55
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Here's one I just picked up this weekend! A Marlin Ballard 3 barrel set, with case, tools, and an old Winchester B5 scope! This is a HM Pope 3 barrel set, and after 30 years of hoping for a Pope Ballard, I finally got my wish!
Calibers are .32-40, .28-30, and .22WCF. The .28-30 is based on a .25-35 necked up to .28 caliber, and this is the only known chambering of this caliber in a HM Pope barrel.
This gun's case is marked LG Pridy, who was a barber in Denver, Co. in the late 1800's, and a member of the Denver City Gun Club when they won top US shooting team honors in 1919.

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Hey MM,


Good for you!!:cool:

Later, Mark
Thanks Mark!

And two others that also came home with me this weekend!

A Ballard schuetzen rifle in .22LR This one is not just unusual in appearance, but also in it's receiver! It is not the usual cast action used on all .22 Ballard rifles! This is a very unusual, and rare forged action .22LR! Only one I've ever come across in 30 years of collecting Ballard rifles.:

And a Ballard special order #2 in .32-20 with shotgun buttplate, deluxe wood, pistol gripped, checkered, with ebony tip!

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Marlin is the artist of many works of art! Beautiful Mon!
Thanks Gumpy! A lot of fine target and competitive rifles were built from Marlin Ballard rifles!
NO...Thank YOU for sharing !!
Marlin 795 with Model 60 stock milled for the 795. Basically a model 70 with a last shot hold open and bolt release. Thought this 795 went very well together with the 1862 John and Henry Dance .44 cal revolver. A fun day at the range.;) love the Williams fire sights on this. They make for fast follow up shots and are elevation and windage adjustable


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Picked up this old Ballard earlier this year as a project rifle. It has had it's buttstock chopped down, and likely started life as a Union Hill with small Swiss buttplate. Someone wanted a hunting rifle, so after cutting the top 1/3 off the stock, they chopped the buttplate area flat too. The result didn't look horrible, but the spliced wood was obvious, and the length of pull was an inch too short.

I attempted to make it look a bit better, but it really needed to be replaced. I sent word out amongst some friends and one had a decent buttstock, with enough patina to match the gun and forearm quite well! It needed a buttplate and grip cap, but otherwise pretty nice.
I ordered a repro Ballard buttplate, which had some extra curve, and boiled it to get it warm enough to flatten and reshape. Then did some minor inletting on the stock to fit it perfect. The lower screw hole aligned with the stock bolt, so I plugged the factory hole on the buttplate, and drilled and countersunk a new hole to mount the buttplate.
Had an old ebony grip cap that was large, and filed it down to fit. Then filed and sanded the buttplate to a perfect fit also. Came out looking like it's been there forever, and feels much better with the correct length of pull! Still need one more dab of filler on the buttplate, as it shrunk and left a little indent where I filled the hole.

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I've said this before, but again, you do very good work! Craftsman type work.
I won't say professional. A professional is someone 50 miles from home with a briefcase! Lol
Thanks Gumpy! I try on old guns to make repairs look appropriate to the gun's age, so they blend well. This one is decent enough to not restore, so just wanted it to look better, not new.
The H&R .22lr/magnum convertible which was my fathers.

The Ruger SR40c with laser sight.

The T/C G2 Contender with the ported 35 Remington barrel on it which I've used to take several deer.

The Desert Eagle 44 magnum.
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141 - 160 of 172 Posts
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