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First big pickin from the Garden

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Yesterday got the first pickin of Green Beans. Have a batch to cook up for dinner tonight with new potatoes. Gave a big mess to m brother and mother and a mess to my daughter. Just got done blanching the remainder and will freeze. Also got the first cucumbers. Will eat some fresh sliced tonight and make some refrigerator dills from the rest. A big bunch of peppers, hot and sweet. I put a couple of jars of Pepperchini Peppers in vinagar and garlic cloves to cure in the fridge.

The beans are loaded as are the cucumbers and peppers. The beans I picked were bush beans. The pole beans are just starting to produce pods.
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Picked the first Zucchini tonight from my daughters plants. Lot more bloomin. Crooked neck squash is full of blooms. Her corn has tasseled and has started puttin on ears. Tomatoes are turning white, will be red soon. Picked one this evening. The Sweet taters have taken over their part of the garden. Now that they have spread the weeds will be less. Okra is climbing up the fence and starting to fill out the plants.

When the wife an myself were checkin out the corn patch she ran a snake out. It was a rat snake about 3-4' long. Not poison and eat mostly birds and small rodents. We let him be. They have small teeth and will strike if you mess with them. Has been hanging around the area for a while now. They are good for pesky critter control.
Big bag of nope on a 3-4' snake, nope, nope, nope
Picked green beans, cucumbers, and 4 different kinds of peppers today. Wanted to wait till at least friday but we have a long period of forcasted heavy rain and storms comming in tonight or tomorrow. I did get all the grass mowed and weed eating done tho. Probably wont be able to get much done outside to include shooting practice so will just stay inside and EAT !!!
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