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Yesterday afternoon was HOT, but no wind. Put 60 rounds ( 12 5 shot groups) to warm it up. I have 2 bricks of Armscor 40 gr round nose SV and havnt shot any yet, so thought I would try it.

The 39 Sears Ranger ( Marlin 80) wears a Simmons 24X and otherwise is completely stock the way it came 75 years ago. The stock is a thin paddle design and is not free floated. There is only one action screw with a big nob that holds it together. Trigger pull avg. 4.7 lbs with 5 pulls on the Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge. Took most of the 60 warm up shots to "learn how to shoot it". With the thin butt stock and the concave narrow forearm it doesn't sit very firm in the front rest and rear bag. Have to use a Hard Hold pulling it firmly into the shoulder. The Armscor ammo shot pretty good, not as good as CCI SV or Midas + which is what it really likes. The two 9's were all me as I rushed the shots with a less than steady hold. The target is one I make for our Matches. It has .190" rings. We shoot it at 50 and 25 yards. We use the 10 bull with 2 sighters and a match is 3 targets. Time limit is 12 minutes for each string. Since it My range and I am the Match Director I make my own rules.

We shoot two classes, Sporter (25yds) and SHYB (Shoot what you brung) at 50 yds.

Sporters have to be ALL FACTORY, barrel, action, trigger and stock. NO target rifles, no heavy barrels, No trigger work except for light polishing and NO modifiations to the Stock. Unlike other sanctioned leagues can have any scope, or open sights. Must use front and rear bag, or a one piece rest. Any factory ammo OK, No reloaded 22's.

SWYB is just that, you got it you can shoot it. Again must be supported on fore end and butt stock.

This target was shot at 25 yds. Pic along with the Rifle. For $60 and $50 for the smith to mill Scope bases to straighten out a botched drill and tap by some previous owner. All told, $110 aint bad for the way it shoots.


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