First Rifle you ever owned

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    chuck67207...that's a neat old Savage. What a nice gun to pass down to your son and maybe one day a grandson.
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    thanks Austin, I have used the heck out of it and it still shoots great. I hope i can pass it on? dont think i will have any grandsons, unless my son has a change of heart? he dont want any kids. but on the brighter side i do have 2 grand dauthers maybe one of them will like guns hahaha. :)all i can do is hope so. Thanks. chuck.

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    My first,like a lot of people,was a Mod. 60.I got it for Christmas when I was 6.
    My Dad was a cop,so there were guns in the house before I was.He thought that it would be best to remove the mystery or "forbidden fruit" danger of having guns with kids by teaching me about them and giving me one that I was responsible for.I more or less wore it out over the years.
    A few years ago I found a nice used one in a pawn shop here and bought it.I combined the 2 using the best parts to make 1 pretty decent rifle.

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    I bought my first rifle when I was 52 years old. I am now 53!! I know it is not your traditional lever gun or nice woodie but I really like it! Savage Hog Hunter in .308

    hog hunter.jpg
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    I am here to learn. I got into firearms not very long ago and I have a lot of catching up to do.
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    but what fun you're having catching up!:D

    Windy, you know after the rifle, you are goint to have to get a shotgun!:D
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    First "rifle" was a Crossman...I think. Just a BB gun that cocked by pushing the barrel back ito the receiver. The muzzle end of the barrel was all dinged from pushing it against anything hard that wasn't dirt with my body weight to force the thing to cock. The first with rifling was a Benjamin .22 that I wasn't strong enough to pump more than three times until I trained by young muscles. Shot it with 7 pumps thereafter...ain't sure where it ended up. First centerfire was a 1903A3 that dad bought for $28. My first season's deer rifle. He wouldn't let me own a .22 since too many kids weren't as respectful as they should be. Didn't make sense since I took, passed and recev'd my certification at age 9 by the State of NM as a Firearms Safety Instructor...he just didn't want to risk other kids and me with one. Faulty logic that never stopped me from firing a couple thousand 22shorts, longs & long rifles from a neighbors .22 rifle or another buddies Savage Combo .22/20ga (54C or something near that) Oh the things boys do to get a whiff of burnt gun powder ;)

    That old '06 ended the lives of a few mule deer, a bunch of yotes, several porcupines, some daylight coons and untold numbers of Blacktailed Jackrabbits. In high school, a buddy and I would rabbit hunt; he with his 30-30 and me with the venerable A3. If I could see a rabbit, sitting tall, scruched down or running for the next arroyo or county...I killed it with the '06. Man, that thing would shoot with my eagle eyes. While I still have the rifle, the keen eyesight left a while ago.
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    Interesting thread. My first rifle was a Model 190 Winchester. Long since been passed on though to other family members.
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    MY POST DIDN"T POST!!! I'm not redoing it. Dog gone it!!!
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    My first rifle was a Gevarm A7 .22 semi auto. I purchased this rifle with money I made picking cherries. It was worth all those trips up and down the ladder;)
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    Stevens 73Y .22 cal Bull Barrel and it shoots VERY accurately. Not sure how many Kids have learned on this Gun but it is more than 30 (Lost count around there):D
    I redid the stock 38 yrs ago (See Stock refinishing thread) and it is still holding up but probably needs to be redone!

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    10 years ago, my grandfather gave me a Glenfield [marlin] model 60 [has the "squirrel" stock], that has the matching glendield scope [tasco]. I had just passed hunters ed back then. i have since learned pretty much everything i need to keep it operating. its 32 [going on 33] years old, has been badly abused, and yet is still pretty dang accurate, assuming i do my part.