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Check the magazine well, which is where you stick the mag...take a Q-tip and check for burrs...
fluffy cotton will pull off if there are burrs (rough MFRing areas) and show you where the trouble spots are...
If you find rough edges, you may use some medium-grit sandpaper and work the magwell for a minute or two,
then switch to fine-grit for a few more minutes...use fine if you find no burrs as well...a little polishing never hurts!!
Then oil lightly and use normally...

Thing is with magwells, you want Snug so the mag doesn't jostle around and be loose and bad-fitting,
but you don't want TIGHT so its hard to do mag changes...gotta find that happy medium.
If in doubt of your fabrication/metal-polishing skills, seek a professional gunsmith...
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