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Fixing Marlin Bullseye

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I just acquired a new-to-me 336. A previous owner had decided that the spot where the bullseye was would be an excellent place to put a sling swivel stud.

I removed the stud, installed a new bullseye, put tape around it, and sanded it to the contour of the stock. The problem is, though, that the hole that was drilled to countersink the swivel stud is slightly larger than the bullseye. I looks nice from a few feet away, but not so much up close.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?
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What I do is mix up glass bedding compound, and use the dye that comes with it to glue the bullseye into the stock. It fills the area around the bullseye, and once shaped and sanded smooth the repair looks great.
I also cut the bullseye stock in half, as they're fairly long, and one will fix two guns.
Lemme try posting some when I get home. The hole was actually smaller than the bullseye. I trimmed it down until it was small enough to fit. It did not need to be glued. The problem is that right on top, on the surface of the stock, the hole is slightly too large.
Never seen one that was smaller than the bullseye?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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