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Hello from South Carolina. I'm a long time Marlin owner, an early Marlin/Glenfield model 60 that my son has apparently borrowed permanently and a 795 with a Fiberforce stock and TechSights that I use as a Liberty Training Rifle as well as competing with it in NRA Light Rifle and Steel Challenge.

A 336 in .30-30 is one of the guns that's been on my "list" for a long time and by dumb luck I recently (last week) fell into a beautiful model 3082 with a Bushnell scope for almost free. Almost. I'll be looking around the forum for tips on smoothing out the action a little bit.

Thanks for inviting me to the forum and thanks for having me. Ya'll have a great day...
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Welcome to the forum hp-hobo.
Always glad to meet another Marlin owner.

By the way, nice avatar.
Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum hp-hobo !!
I done a search for the Marlin 3082 and didn't find anything.
That model is new to me. Could you post a picture of it?? Just curious.


The 3082 is a special edition Marlin 336AS/Glenfield 30AS manufactured in 1982 and sold by Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company. It has an engraved birch stock, gold trigger and a buttstock medallion like I'm told most (many?) of the special editions do. It's nothing super special but it is a little different than the norm, it shoots great and I like it. A lot.

I'll be posting a picture or two as soon as I get a problem with my camera figured out.

welcome aboard the forum, Hobo. glad you joined and became a member here.
Welcome to the forum hp-hobo.
Welcome aboard and good luck with that new rifle.
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