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Hannity did a portion of his show Yesterday (Monday, 29 Oct) on gun confiscation during a crisis...aka Sandy like Katrina speculation.

Ain't happening peacefully. GW era legislation stopped places like NOLA from pulling that stunt, ever again. Unless the 100 million plus "registered" gun owners like ya'll and me turn yella, it won't happen! Most of us don't have 100,000 + rounds, but what we've amassed since BO surfaced and has now taken things beyond the Constitution probably has the same purpose for "What If".

That's what the framers had in mind with the prevent a tyrannical govt from ever encroaching beyond those limits. Better hope Romey/Ryan get the nod or we may find out just how many citizens in the American gun-owing public have the metal to step up to answer the call. Revolutionary War history indicates that only about 10% of the colonists actually took part in sending the Brits packing for England. Heaven forbid...but? And even if by miracle, that somehow we recover our Beloved America as she should be, what I don't burn before I'm gone will go into the hands of family that can send it downrange whenever they get a hankering. I don't go seeking trouble, but like a good scout...prepared for unexpected happenstances.

Again I mention and suggest...check out They're all about truth-filled history and making ordinary citizens extraordinarily capable marksmen. Most sessions, young'ns attend gratis to a minimal fee of $5 with the cost of a brick or two (depending upon program location and structure) of .22LR ammo that they'll burn over the two days.
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