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My buddy and I go shooting yesterday, and he shows up with a gun in the original box. The label on the end shows its a Marlin 336C. Were both Law Enforcement, so my buddy knows a lot about tactical rifles, but does not really know much about levers. I had no idea he had this. Apparently his wifes grandpa died and he got a couple weapons. This was one of them. He brought some 30-30 ammo and figured we could shoot it.

I open the original box and heres a 336C, 20" barrel, brand new, unfired, still with the tags hanging off it, and sticker showing the serial number on the butt plate. I knew right away it was old, so I hopped online and figured out it was from 1967.

"Dude! Don't shoot this gun". He agreed, and we wiped it down and put it back in the box.

He has no real attachment to this gun and would be interested in selling it. I figured he could probably get $750-$800. Anyone else have an opinion on what they think he can get for it?

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Nice! Mine is a 67 as well, but well used by Dad since he bought it new. I have it now, after passing my 82 bought new for me on to my oldest.
after passing my 82 bought new for me on to my oldest.

Every one of my kids as they left home or had a place to keep it after leaving home was given one of my guns ( usually the one that they used most while at home.
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