FP versus SP versus RN

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    Had a discussion recently regarding round nose bullets for the 1894 series of pistol calibers. Some who contributed claimed that a RN for 45Colt, 44, or 357 was to be avoided due to mag tube primer detonation.

    My contention is that RN pistol bullets, while I don't buy or use them, are not nearly as pointed as typical factory bullets designed and used for calibers such as the 30-30. Mag tube detonations should be even more likely for the .30-30 due to greater recoil than a 357.

    I offer the photo of my 30-30 150SP bullets purchased from MidwayUSA as an example. Do I need some education to see the light or is the opposition to round nose pistol bullets in a tube magazine based on myth or incidents of mis-handling them?

    MidwayUSA 30-30 150SP Nbr 22775 A.jpg
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    rooster i don't see any problem with the bullet shown. the main culprits were spire pointed and pointed fmj type bullets in a tube magazine. it was because of this Hornady came out with the Leverrevolution ammo and components for tube type magazines, so as to gain some accuracy over the RN type bullets that were available. many of my reloading data books show using many different loads using pointed type bullets for the 30-30 in a single shot pistol like the T/C Contender. there are some who load this type of ammo and shoot them single shot in lever actioned rifles too.