Freedom Group/Remington Buys TAPCO

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Spoon, Nov 5, 2012.

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    From my old gunsmith buddy in NE Missouri:

    This newest aquisition still makes me very leary about Freedom Group's (or an outside agency's) ability to shut down a large percentage of arms, ammunition and accessories currently available to US!

    I know others have made previous posts that they've been assured that it's all about business and that FG is pro-America/pro-Gun. Since words are pretty cheap and often ring hollow and meaningless in the world today...I get these uneasy feelings about such activities. All we can do is keep and ear to the ground until there's smoke, by which'll be anyone's guess.

    I also figure the wingnuts from the Brady bunch will use Sandy as another platform from which to mount more attempts to erode/erase the 2nd. It appears our fellow citizens in storm-torn areas have clearly posted their intentions to defend their property on large signs by any means necessary...rightfully so! "Insured by S&W." I hope they don't have to face too many opportunistic bottom feeders, but when the do, may GOD give them the strength and true aim to erase those threats.

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    Here's the official scoop on Freedom Group below. I just wanted to see if anyone was "listening" yesterday. It would be financial suicide to end production on just about any major component of their weapons/ammo branch in the corp. tree.
    "...Cerberus, a major company which is run by CEO Stephen Feinberg. Feinberg’s empire is vast on its own account. Cerberus manages more than $20 billion in capital. Together, the companies it owns generate annual revenue of about $40 billion — more than either Amazon or Coca-Cola last year.”
    They've got Remington®, Bushmaster® Firearms, DPMS/Panther Arms™, Marlin®, H&R®, The Parker Gun™, Advanced Armament Corp. ®, Dakota Arms®, Para™ USA, Barnes® Bullets, now TAPCO along with the clothing line of Mountain Khakis® . I doubt they'll ever get Colt, Henry or Ruger to join them.
    “The entire U.S. gun market has sales of about $4 billion a year. It’s a market that isn’t going away anytime soon, and could be poised to grow in the years ahead, despite the Times’ insinuation that the gun market is already saturated."
    I disagree with the Times also. More and more folks are taking up arms for variety of reasons, but I believe a vast majority of newbies have joined the gun owning ranks simply because of the ill will that BHO's brought upon the scene with is barrage of un-Constitutional crap and the growing menace of unchecked violent crime in American neighborhoods! Once these new shooters begin to enjoy the challenge of accurate shooting, they've brought along more friends. Makes me wonder if there isn't a pheromonal response in both sexes to the smell of burnt gunpowder? It really wouldn't make a lot of sense for FG to stop all production, given the per annum income. Still gonna keep an ear to the ground.

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    I wonder...

    I thought there were ways to legally remove someone from OB's office. I wont call it the president's office because he is not constitutionally the president. He is more dick tater than President.

    If Nixon could be impeached and Clinton also, why not Mr "I am sorry" Bambam . It would be great if we could put him on his knees and make him cry..(I am sorry, ) UNCLE ( Sam.)