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I had my first movie rental from Red Box. No wonder most video stores have gone out of business. $1.30 to rent a movie for the night.
I rented Million ways to die in the old west. We enjoyed it and had many laughs. This is definitely an adult film because of the language and sexual innuendo. I wouldn't want to be explaining some parts of the movie to a youngster. Some people might take the racist parts as a little off the funny side. In the end the racist part had its revenge. Makes me wonder just whose hands were involved in making this movie.
I was a little leery about a comedy western but we both liked it.
At $1.30 I will be renting movies more often for sure. LOL The gas getting there and back prolly cost more than the movie did. The popcorn and drinks didn't cost $20 either.
If anyone has some good movie to recommend then let me know. I'll maybe find $1.30 change in the couch to rent it.
Maybe the forum could make a movie sticky. I would like that.
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