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Get my new One piece rifle rest tomorrow

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Will meet the fellow shooter tomorrow at 1400. He is in St. Louis so will meet Halfway between and make the transfer. Cant wait to try it out at my range .... :D
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Let us know how you like it!
Range Report, Range Report......

Back from the family reunion and shot about 30 rounds off the new rest. Shot my old RWS R-50 practice ammo. About 91 Deg. with gusty winds. Didnt use wind flags only my anemometer to judge the velocity, no real idea on direction or switches. I would say at lest a 25% improvement on scoring. The Pappas rest, although 4 years old tracks like new. It sat in a garage for 4 years. Am cleaning it up but It will make an improvement. Next match is in Arkansas, 1-2 July. A double tournament. Have to order some Lapua Midas+ and see what it will do.
Wooopeee! Any improvement when you're doing as good as you are is great!
Awesome improvement,Thanks for the range report

After shooting the Pappas rest for awhile this morning I took it all apart and cleaned it real good. It had sat in a garage for a few years and needed it.

I also changed out the rear stock guide with the one off my old rest. Its a little wider and the stock rides it a lot better.

Also I added a hard rubber cover over the front stop for the fore arm. I dont like metal and just about every one does it. Metal is hard on the fore arms, both wood and composite.

I tightened up the windage and elevation adjustment and will see if it tracks better. It was already a LOT better than the old one but got to tinker.
That's true. Gotta make it your own!
How is your new rest working out?
I have this Bald Eagle Slingshot rest coming to me.

The rest was $165 new. Rest front bag was 45$, ext length screws were 20. And the feet for use in in the grass was another 60$. all for 130$

Cast iron. Wt. 18 lbs

Coming with all of the OEM parts and manuals.

Should be here tomorrow.

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