Gettin the Boat Ready !!

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    No fishing forum so I quess it will go here. De-winterized the boat today. All systems check out, motor, trolling motor, fish-finders/live wells, bilge pump. Did have to make a new bracket for one of the side fenders, it broke end of last year. Batterys still charged, but will put on the trickle chargers and refresh. Clean out fuel tanks and relube the lower end of the motor. ITS CRAPPIE TIME. Have entered a crappie tournament on the 12th of April. My brother-in-law and me in the boat. $500 quarenteed first place. 7 fish limit for the boat with most LBS/OZ. Will break out the tackle boxes tomorrow along with the rods/reels. Change Line and restock misc. Items. Of course there will have to be a couple shake down trips prior.

    Also will take the wife and her new RV on a camping trip on the 16th of April for two nights. Will go on the Pomme De Terre River below the dam. Picked out a good spot yesterday and make reservations on the Army Corps of Engineers web site. Reserved spot #17, it has clear access to the river and out from it there is a gravel bar in the middle, think it will be a good spot for Crappie.
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    Talked to dad just a week ago about going fishing for silvers this year..I don`t fish to often but when the bug bites it bites hard. I fished a lot of Crappies when I was stationed at FT Polk,Louisiana, thems some good eatin. You enjoy the heck out of yourself..