Getting close to moving day

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    If anyone who lives close to Tyler would be so kind as to contact me, I would appreciate it. I am (of course) interested in making some new friends who can help me get the feel of the area, and to give me some pointers about hunting the elusive Texas feral swine and the occasional Hogzilla Jr.

    I just emailed my friend in Tyler to tell him I expect to be out of here in a week. If I can get the landlords over for the final inspection and issue my refund I will be sheittin in tall to speak.

    My phone is 563-505-3746.

    Thanks a lot,
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    I'm quite ways from you but still in Texas.

    You'll find that a lot down here. We all may be Texans, but most of us are closer to another state then each other.

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    Yea man...Texas does cover some ground...!!

    Good Luck with the move hombre !