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GG scope base

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now that I have my new Guide Gun what kind of bases should I look at to mount scope?
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I put on a weaver base and it works good. I was thinking of putting on Millet rings but I seen some Leupold QR on a GG today at the gun shop and the QR option seems like someting to concider. the scope I'm mounting is a 4x Leupold Compact.
Have fun with it, Mon! I envy having your problem! Lol I do think that I would go with quality bases though. It'll pay off in the long run.
I have Leupold base on my 336 it works for don't remember the rings manufacture
XS Lever rail with the ghost ring back up sights is what is on my 1895GS, I liked the ghost rings so much I have yet to put a scope on it. If I were to put a scope on it, it would be a scout scope for sure. The long rail set up allows you to mount either scout scope or traditional scope.
I have an EGW Picatinny base on my 1895G. I like it, gives more choices of where to place rings/scope on receiver.
EGW Picatinny Base for 1895G

Here are a couple of pics of the EGW on my 1895G

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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