Glenfield model 60 might be alright

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by munyoned, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. munyoned

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    Father in law offered me a model 60 for $50...can't beat that, right. But it wouldn't feed right, it would carve down a lip in the side of every few rounds and jam a lot. Lgs said bad extractors and not worth the money to fix. Just to see if some standard velocity cci 1075fps would work the action in my 795...wanted to try them in the "junk" gun first. Not a single jam! I'll try more tomorrow, but I think I know own two great Marlins: a new 795 and an old Glenfield 60.
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    Model 60s will jam unless they are clean and VERY WELL lubricated. Some people think this is wrong, but I take mine apart and clean it well with WD40 by basically flushing it with the stuff! Then I only remove the excess WD40 and reassemble, basically using the WD40 as both cleaner and lubrication. Scoff if you want but my Model 60 NEVER jams anymore and will shoot all day with any ammo I choose!